Season 2 main cast

  • Rena
  • Ben
  • Jo
  • Josh
  • Val
  • Ali
  • Liz
  • Danielle
  • Joe
  • Fernando
  • Mary
  • Justine

(Subject to change)

Possible characters:Edit

Emma Cassidy (played by Emma Cassidy Lover) Edit

-- a girl from Val's clique that is second in command.

Recurring seasons 1-2, starring season 3

Jason Davis (played by Derpster01)Edit

-- Joanna's boy toy in season 2. A dimwitted muscular guy who is Joanna's slave. He does everything he is told to by her. And it is revealed he is being drugged by his master, the evil joanna.

Isabelle Katz (Edie Rothwell fan7)Edit

A girl hated by all for no reason and just wants friends but hangs herself leading way into season 3

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